Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Forever in Electric Dreams

Flaneur : "stroller", "Lounger", "saunterer", "loafer", "to stroll", "a person who walks the city in order to experience it".

This entry offers an insight into a sunny Monday afternoon getting off the train at Liverpool street station and going on my surrealist walk. Capturing and collecting objects, events, people, places, and conversations as i walked through the streets.

these two images were captured while walking down middelsex street, i couldn't quite believe just how much perfume and aftershave there was stacked to the right of me in the shop window, and made me wonder which lorry it had fallen off.

The next image i thought was an interesting sticker with the phrase "I'll be back" evidently coming from what looked like a navy officer turned terminator with a red eye.

These were taken further on by gun street

Through out my walk i also found myself collecting various cigarette boxes and flyers that had been discarded along pavements and left on windowsills.

Towards the end of my journey i stopped in a cafe where i made a note of bits of conversations and lyrics i could here while having a coffee. (On a side thought I'm going to try and jot down various conversations i over hear as an interesting catalogue of dialog)

"it's good i was not late"

"I would be like....... I'm not thinking about it forever"

"that's actually not where were going"

"have yourself a merry little Christmas" "Bing Crosby"

I also saw a piece of art work in the cafe with the phrase forever in electric dreams which stood out to me, and hit me as a surrealist statement.

I then carried on the journey after my brief pause and finished up at algate east tube station.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Surrealist typoraphy project

I was quite pleased with some of the pieces of work i done for this project especially with the statement "my brain melted into the page".
However if i was to do it again i think i would pick one or two of my strongest statement ideas and develop them ideas a little more drawing on influence from other designers and artists that have used something similar.

These are my final statements.