Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

High School Musical

My proposal for the High School Musical brief

Me and the other two members of my group are proposing the idea of a short film based on the NSPCC adverts. We plan to use footage of the film and dub our own voice over the top of the film in a similar way to the NSPCC adverts. to do this we plan on writing a short script and using an affirming and direct voice to high light everything that is against what Disney does with this film. To tie this in to a similar style of advert we plan to change the clips into black and white with the snap shots slowed down slightly reaffirming each point we make.

here are ideas we were playing around with


From the next brief being about excuses and matching it up to a font i started to play around with ideas coming up with a few that i could envisage where the visual language of the font corresponded to the excuse.
My first idea that i was going to go with was "my alarm broke" and writing it out in a digital font although i felt this was to straight forward.
From playing with light in my photography project i thought about writing with light and using the excuse "i had no electricity". This way i felt i was answering the brief with more experimentation and expressing it through a means i didn't think the rest of the class would be using.

The first problem i came across when trying to write the font out was there was too much glare coming from the torch that obstructed the font and made it hard to show up on the camera. I over came this problem by hanging a piece of a1 paper in between 2 chairs so the paper hung down allowing me to write behind it diffusing the glare the torch gave. Another problem was trying to keep in neat and tidy with out the use of a guide as i would not be able to see it in the dark. The last problem was remembering how to write electricity backwards and fit it into a certain space which after many attempts i finally achieved.

My final image

Photography Project

From receiving the brief and having the option of choosing 5 different titles for the photography project i decided to go with destructive photography.
I liked the idea of the experimentation and the results that could come from it, so i armed myself with three cameras being a holga medium format, 4 frame 35mm and a digital camera. I shot most of film at night and through taking test shots with my digital camera found that long exposures was what i mainly wanted to experiment with.

From playing around with long exposure time i also messed around with the lens leaving water marks on there so light would be dispersed unevenly through the picture. Experimenting with double exposures by not winding on the film or leaving the shutter open on my digital camera and covering the lens to over lap images. Another i also thought about destroying photography and the basic principles your supposed to follow was working over photographs once they had been developed by scratching the paper and using paint pens to colour in or add different elements o image that had already been taken.
Although my holga took medium format film i wanted to experiment with loading 35mm film so the whole frame of the negative would be exposed as well as a lot less time consuming to get developed.

Here are some of most expressive images i ended up with

Monday, October 27, 2008

Balloony works

Balloony comes together

When it came to building balloony we changed plans slightly, we decided to make it out of balsa which is relatively cheap and very light, this way the machine didn't need to much power behind it to make it move. This then allowed us to make a frame structure to dimensions we were happy with.

We also scrapped the idea for the cams as we felt we it we be a little to complex to fit into the design this then accommodating for more pens running through the middle of the square frame.

We wanted to make the machine fun and vibrant which lead to the bright blue, pink, orange and yellow which we found worked well as a colour combination as well as being eye catching.

When it came to building the machine only half of the group turned up which meant 4 of us giving input into the machine rather than 8. However i think this ended working to the advantage of the 4 of us that ended up building it as there was a smaller group to work with which meant a bit more direct action to construct the machine.

Working models showing our drawing machine this gave us a chance to see how well the machine would work.

Once we had been put in to groups we pooled our resources and discussed ideas. With 8 people in the group it gave us a lot more scope to work on an idea discussing why somethings things would work better than others and if they were possible to build in the time scale allotted. The particular problem we had to over come was how to propel the machine forward, with the tree ideas consisting of fans, balloons and remote control. We all came to the conclusion balloons would be best as there cheap, easier to get hold of and light.

We all agreed the machine should have wheels and be made from a light material, we then went down to the skips to try and find resources, we ended up with plywood and polystyrene packaging. The idea then evolved into a square structure using the polystyrene and connecting wheels to it, with balloons attached to the back to push the machine forward.

From these ideas we then made a small model demonstrating how the machine would work with accompanying images as a visual aid to show how various parts would work.

Drawing Machine research

Once i got the brief for the drawing machine i went about researching the idea on the internet to see if there were any existing machines out there to start getting ideas for mine. I also got images for ones that i considered drawing machines, ie, tattoo gun, printers, football pitch markers.

Another idea i had was looking into moving part's particularly cams. The idea behind this was pens would be set at different parts on the cam connected to the axel of the wheels creating a pattern.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1 pound coin

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A piece of work based around a one day project called pay to play.
The idea of the project was to create a piece of work based on a 1 pound coin.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

cross with arrow

cross with arrow copy
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a t-shirt design i have been working on


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