Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snap! Crackle! Pop!

I was a Little overwhelmed when i got the brief to create and design a new brand of cereal as i didn't really know where to start.

However i have checked out various cereal packaging on the internet and viewing adverts on you tube as well as going to the museum of brands, packaging and advertising to get ideas rolling.

I think the biggest problem with this project i have found is to come up with a concept behind the cereal. After throwing a few ideas around and the likely hood of pulling them off one that stuck out to me was inventing a cereal for clubbers weather it be to give them energy before hand or for chilling out afterwards.

Although i found this to be a bit to comical and not the strongest so i have re thought the idea and have decided to go for an energy cereal not something that is widely available in the cereal market but i am going to use such brands as red bull, v, lucozade etc, as starting points and ideas on branding, colours, adverts and so fourth.

Postcard Project

After getting the brief to re-invent a holiday postcard the first thing that jumped to my mind was showing the opposite of what see on a postcard. I first played with mock ups of rubbish areas such as skips and rubbish dumps with the phrase "wish you was here" in a font that was similar to what you would find on a traditional postcard.

My other idea was looking at the drug issue and using images of drug paraphernalia and using phrases with them such as "would rather be jacking up" and "thought I would drop you a line".

My other idea was having just text on the front of the card and getting rid of an image all together which was the idea i decided to run with.
On the front of the card i put descriptions down of various scenes of different scenes allowing the viewer to make the image in there head as they read the card this way the card would be unique to every reader as everyone who read the description would have a different interpretation of the description to come up with their image.

With most of the descriptions all ready done the next thing i had to think about as the typography as i felt there was no need for the flowing font as it had similarities to something of a holiday postcard so i had to try and find an unemotive typography that was left open to interpretation.

These are my final set of 6