Monday, June 7, 2010

A disaster waiting to happen

For this project the brief was to create a piece of work that centered round a disaster big or small/personal or global.

Seeing as i have a keen interest in music and regularly head out to clubs i made my disaster about a club called plastic people on curtain road over east london that i check out on a regular basis and is under threat of being closed down. With so many clubs in London under threat of closure i thought this was a disaster that connected to people who know the club and what the music that is played there was trying to do.

In order to create the A5 landscape booklet i had to do some more research about the club, finding out who wanted to close it down, why they wanted to close it down, the feelings of the other club goers and what there opinion was, dj's and producers opinions and why the club meant so much to so many people. I included familiar images from the club such as the red/orange light that sits above the DJ booth, the broken plastic people sign above the entrance that reads pla people, all the familiar sights that people associate with the club so when they see the information booklet it it immediately connects with the vibe of the club.

Along side the information booklet is a blog that we had to create with breaking news about the disaster as well as a 15 second infomercial.

Plastic people advert by user9066309

With all this information i was then able to create an informative piece of work that supported the club and what it stood for as well as information on how the general public could help.

House Of Mirrors

For this project we had to look at how how we had shaped the home we live in, and how they were a reflection of us, the objects that surrounded us were objects of our life.

The idea must be communicated graphically to allow it to be owned and accessed by others.

With all this in mind i planned to make a book that combined illustrations of the objects and spaces around me that are put into to order of the significance they have to me.  Three words then accompany each drawing giving the viewer a way of understanding how each each object or space connects to me as a person. 


passion, dance, expression

My corner

home, comfort, peace


identity, individuality, trend

This was the final out come

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Typo Diary

For this project the brief was to create a diary of things you find, with a personal response to typography we find in every day life that could be discovered through lettering, layout, design and process in our immediate environment. For this I documented the typography i come across on my way to to work looking at typefaces and how particular type was used for different signs.

From this the second part of the project was to consider a narrative and think about how people would read the piece. As a result i wanted to work with illustrated images and text and combining the two together. As a keen music lover and regular gig goer i illustrated 4 venues i had been to combining the tickets from the events i had been to.

The tickets all document, place, time, date and band i was going to see on that day acting as a diary communicating to the viewer what i was doing at that point in time.