Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Circus of Sound

The brief was to create a typographic house style to identify the branding label "circus of sound" and a series of related typograms or typographic only identities for each of the 11 first titles in the series.

Circus of sound is a project that aims to bring new music to young people, based on the works of contemporary performers, as well as a mix of rediscovered composers from previous centuries.

I done some research into a few house styles with a particular collection of cd's standing out from the rest called "back to mine". All the cd's in the collection had a very distinctive highly recognizable illustration on each front cover that all kept a similar style.
Another example i quite liked was from the Guardian news paper that had a coupon book for money off the guardian for different days. To distinguish between each different day they kept the same font but had a box of different colors for each different day surrounding the font.

These are a few logo designs i started working on

I also started designing the cd covers. I wanted to keep the design modern and contemporary, in keeping with the circus of sound ideal that wanted to company to appeal to a younger audience.

These are a few of the final designs i decided to use.