Wednesday, January 5, 2011

As part of a project for uni I had to design and create a website from scratch. The website had to be based on myself as a means of have a presence on the internet. As a result I wanted the website to incorporate my design and illustration work giving a snap shot into the type of work i create.

As a complete novice at building websites i researched various programs on and off line that would help get me started, making the decision to steer away from html coding and programs like dreamweaver. I also wanted to have complete freedom over the program starting with a blank canvas and building the site from there, hence i moved away from template websites such as wordpress, wix and tumblr that have pre built menu's slideshows etc. This ended up leading me to a piece of software called freeway that allows the user to build a site from scratch. This software allowed me to create my own rollover's, menu's, slideshows and layouts to my specification and needed no coding.

The software itself took a bit of getting used to but with a few tutorials allowed me to create the desired effect i was after culminating in website that could easily be navigated and gave me the web presence i was after.

However since the website has gone live i have uncounted a few problems with servers and hosting sites and the website can only be viewed on a few systems which i am currently in the process of rectifying.

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